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The Daily Reckoning is penned by Bill Bonner. Bill is President & Founder, Agora Inc, an international publisher of financial and special interest books and newsletters. As one reader put it, "Bill makes more sense in one e-mail than a month of CNBC".

Bill grabbed world attention in 2000 for his 'Trade of the Decade' - Sell stocks. Buy gold. It was considered as blasphemy because those were the days of the dotcom mania. But as a shrewd observer of the financial world, Bill saw what most others did not. He saw the US as a massive bubble waiting to burst. Those who listened to his advice and invested in gold have, since then, made 400% plus returns. The US stock markets, on the other hand, have delivered negative returns over the period!

Bill is also a great believer in India. He says, "When the credit crunch plays itself out, when we have this correction worldwide in asset prices, I wouldn't be surprised if it is India - not China - that takes the leading role".

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